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It is our mission to encourage new entrants into sustainable food production, using diversified, labour-intensive, organic & agro-ecological methods to conserve and enhance the environment.

New Food Entrepreneurs is an initiative of the Conservation Farming Trust.

James Skinner

jimmy skinnerFor many years I worked in Central and East Africa as an economist and then as CEO of national development corporations of two African countries. My experience in managing and promoting economic development, particularly of tourism and agriculture, made me realise the importance of preserving biodiversity and protecting nature from the devastation so often caused by the growth in the numbers and prosperity of human populations. Back in England I served for more than 20 years as a trustee both of the Organic Research Centre at Elm Farm and the New Economics Foundation. This made me acutely aware of the terrifying rate of increase in expanding human demands on the resources of the planet, which has led to the destruction of half the world’s biodiversity in the last 50 years.

I feel we all have an obligation to do whatever is possible to promote the conservation of wildlife and nature in every way we can. Tourism can give a monetary value to biodiversity and the beauty of nature. That is why Duncan, Sue and I set up The Travel Foundation, which the travel industry is now using as a means of introducing sustainable tourism worldwide. Now we want to develop the Conservation Farming Trust to promote Agrivillages and provide practical examples of farming in ways that will nurture fertility and protect wildlife, enabling people to eat good, healthy fresh food and enjoy a satisfying lifestyle. 

Duncan Fisher OBE

duncan fisherOver the last 30 years I have been involved in the creation of a series of new organisations and projects. I currently work for the charity, The Family Initiative, which I helped to set up after entering the family field when I became a father for the first time, 21 years ago. Prior to this, I worked with Jimmy and Sue to set up The Travel Foundation.

When my 16-year-old daughter showed an interest in setting up a new food enterprise in 2017, I got in touch with Jimmy to talk to him about it, little expecting that he would then ask me to help set up a charity that is all about helping young people like my own daughter! It has been a great pleasure to advise and to offer my knowledge of start-ups. I am a good representative of the target market for this project: new people considering food production and having no idea where to start!

Sue Holbrook (née Hurdle)

sue holbrookI began my career on a graduate scheme in the travel industry.  After seeing the profound impact of tourism on destinations, I became interested in finding a way to raise industry awareness about the issues and, in turn, do something about it.  Teaming up with Jimmy and Duncan, we founded The Travel Foundation, the world’s first industry partnership focused on bringing greater benefit to the people and environments of holiday destinations.  I was CEO of The Travel Foundation for ten years, establishing it as a respected and award-winning organisation - until I discovered I was expecting twins!  Returning to the workplace following such a wonderful, life-changing experience, my focus is now on a sustainable lifestyle closer to home.  We live on a small-holding and are always looking for different ways to use our land sustainably.  Being invited to help establish a new organisation to promote the kind of small-scale food production that cares for the environment and supports communities couldn’t be more perfect!

Abi Fisher, Intern, Wales Project

abi fisher

I’m 17, I live in Wales, and I am developing my next food business, with the help of New Food Entrepreneurs. Two years ago I started a small egg business, Abi's Chicken Run (I run long distance for Wales), and sold 700 boxes of beautiful multicoloured, multisized eggs. Good food is important for me: I train every day for running.

I am working on the Welsh Project (Prosiect Cymru) for New Food Entrepreneurs, managing the Instagram campaign to promote food entrepreneurship to young people in Wales.