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How we are cutting down on plastic in my family. 

Due to numerous campaigns over the recent months, my family and I have been thoroughly persuaded to cut down on the amount of plastic that we get through in our everyday lives. I’ve decided to write about how we’ve gone about doing this as I really believe that cutting down on plastic has become practically a requirement for anyone setting up a food business. If you look around, you’ll begin to notice that more and more food businesses have taken steps towards reducing their plastic consumption, even if it’s simply using a wooden knife and fork at a take away van, instead of a plastic set.

We’re lucky enough to live just 5 minutes walk from a recently opened, zero-waste shop, Natural Weigh. It’s fantastic! You go in with your own tubs/jars and then you can fill them up with a huge variety of organic ingredients, without using any single-use plastic. They also sell soaps, shampoos, bamboo toothbrushes etc., so it’s not just food products.

I was tasked with (quite happily!) compiling a list of foods that we would start to buy regularly in Natural Weigh and also in our local butchers, where you can buy all your fruit and veg in paper bags, saving on the ridiculous amount of plastic found in supermarkets. Our local bakery has also started selling loaves in paper bags on request, so this is another step that we’ve taken to reduce our plastic waste – it’s really quite amazing how easily you can reduce your plastic consumption! Unfortunately, there are still certain foods, like cheese and yoghurts, which we can’t yet buy without plastic packaging, but it’s still worth taking these hugely important steps towards a plastic-free way of life.

I was also put in charge of buying some glass jars in which to put all of the ingredients we’d be buying in Natural Weigh on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed this task and found some jars with a circular bit of chalkboard on the lid so that I could write the name of each ingredient, in fancy writing, on the top of each jar – I love that kind of thing!

So reducing our plastic waste has not only meant that we’re doing a bit of a favour to the environment, but it’s also been hugely good fun. Food is beautiful and, having bought these glass jars, we’ve been able to display all of our food in a beautiful way around the kitchen, giving the whole place a lovely feel!