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We exist to inspire, connect and inform would-be entrepreneurs about the production, marketing and selling of food on a small scale, using low-input, diversified, labour-intensive and organic methods that conserve and enhance the environment.

The new food entrepreneur is someone who works to make a viable living and who simultaneously is part of building a solution to the global crisis in food production.

The Problem

The average age of a farmer in the UK is now around 60. Younger generations and new entrants to the industry are faced with rising land prices and limited availability of affordable smallholding as more and more family farms are consolidated into larger, industrial holdings. The impact of this shift away from small-scale farming has far-reaching negative implications as the country moves away from sustainable methods.

At a global and national level, the impact of industrial agriculture has seen smaller farms and their good farming practice eradicated. Land is often over-farmed, pumped with chemicals to maximise yield and dedicated to a few, profit driven crop choices, defined by corporations. As a result, soil fertility is devastated and biodiversity destroyed.

Locally, the impacts are significant. Not only has this situation had an impact on the communities surrounding farming, but also the produce that it delivers to the domestic market. Increasingly food for sale at local food markets is anything but local. This shift has seen a marked decline in regional distinctiveness and community, alongside the lost health and sustainability benefits of locally grown and produced food.

The solution

The key is variety. Lots of small and medium-scale, mixed and integrated organic farms offering a diverse range of products. These methods are labour-intensive and, with careful planning in relation to the food market, can provide viable livelihoods. This way of farming has the possibility of opening up attractive and useful employment opportunities for young people, provided that a solution to the high cost of housing and land can be found and that these opportunities can be attractively presented to them.

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The purpose of this site

This website is designed to showcase those entrepreneurs who are already pioneering new approaches to producing and marketing food. We do this in order to inspire others - both to become new food entrepreneurs themselves and to buy food produced in this way.

If you would like to recommend an entrepreneur we should be showcasing, or would like to get in touch to find out more about what we do please contact us.